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Cathy Compton Kurtz - Class of '78 New Book

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Cathy Compton Kurtz - Class of '78

Living Through the Pain: New Memoir of Spiritual & Emotional Pain Empowers Women to Find Solace through Sharing their Stories.

Cathy A. Kurtz was faced with harrowing grief after losing her mother, father, two brothers and sister-in-law, all by the age of thirty. However, Ms. Kurtz’s bold tenacity and unshakable commitment in her faith allowed her to still find a productive purpose. By sharing her raw and heartfelt story with the world, Ms. Kurtz hopes to inspire other women to open up about their own pain and start the long journey toward healing.

For Immediate Release

Rocklin, CA –While everyone endures adversity and pain, few lose their entire family at a young age and even fewer are forced to bring up a child alone at the same time they’re fighting the worst grief imaginable. For California’s Cathy A. Kurtz, this unfathomable situation has been a thirty-five year reality.

While she suffered in silence for so many years, Ms. Kurtz has now taken the life-changing decision to share her story via a compelling and thought-provoking new memoir. While brutal, frankly-honest and sure to stir the emotions of any reader, ‘Living Through The Pain - The Lonely Me’ is a book that will change the lives of thousands of women.


Imagine waking up to your worst nightmare.

In 1976, Cathy Kurtz, at the tender age of sixteen, lost her father, mother, oldest brother, and sister-in-law in a private plane crash. In 1989, she lost her surviving brother to AIDS. As a single mother, Cathy struggled to take care of her son while still being haunted by the tragedies of losing her family.

Suffering gave Cathy a unique awareness of the pain an individual can live through and still be able to propel their life forward in a productive manner. A Christian upbringing was her only outlet to find peace, and the ability to live

through the pain. Cathy considers her deep understanding of surviving tragedies, and using her pain to enrich her life, as a calling from God to serve others and assist them in finding the courage to move forward.

Living Through The Pain - The Lonely Me is about the universal journey of emotional and spiritual pain.

Having also endured the sexual abuse of a boyfriend, Kurtz’s memoir will be of particular value to young women who have been forced to become a victim of rape, sexual abuse or have personally experienced the loss of a close family member.

The author hopes her memoir will reach out and touch the hearts of women who are hiding their own pain and suffering.

“Through meeting thousands of women, I have become acutely aware of how hard it is for us to open up about our suffering and share with people. There seems to be a fear of guilt, embarrassment and shame. While these fears are only natural, I have learned that opening up can help build a solid social and spiritual foundation through which healing can begin,” says Ms. Kurtz.

Continuing, “It’s vital to have a shoulder to cry on, hands to hold and a support network to vent through. Women have had a long tradition of being able to find strength in each other yet somehow this has been lost over the years.  My book provides women with the key concept of empowering them once again to reach out to other women for support and healing. I know I can’t personally meet with every suffering woman, so my book provides the inspiration they need to reach out to other women.”

 ‘Living Through the Pain - The Lonely Me’, published by Healing Hart Publishing, is due for imminent release. For more information, visit the author’s official website:http://www.cathyakurtz.com.


“After reading, my first thought was WOW!! Then WOW!! What a journey for someone so young. I could feel your pain.  I actually could.” L. Wilson.

“Powerful!! When you think the human spirit cannot possibly endure anymore pain, tragedy, and loneliness . . Cathy Kurtz, will encourage both young girls and woman alike: That with God's faithful strength and love we can get through and survive anything while living through the pain. She is a "Hero" in my eyes. C. Barrera

“Wow!!! I can't not stop reading . . . just finished. You're like someone climbing a big mountain with many tough paths to endure. Now you have reached the top and can look down and help others. You have helped to inspire me. Your story is riveting!” K. Mahoney

About the Author:

Cathy Compton Kurtz was born in Houston, TX in 1959. She graduated from Texas A&M University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Administration in Finance. In 1990, she graduated with honors, receiving a Masters Degree in Finance from Golden Gate University in Sacramento, CA. Cathy is a member of the National Association of Female Executives and the National Association of Professional Women.

Contact:Cathy Kurtz / 916-521-2647 /Email: author@cathyakurtz.com

Facebook:Cathy A Kurtz

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