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Scholarship Award Criteria

Scholarship Award Criteria


Section 1:  Scholarship Criteria


1a:  Waltrip Alumni Association, Inc. ( hereafter referred to as “the association” ) provides scholarships to qualified high school seniors who must complete an application.

1b:  Scholarships awarded are for academic or vocational studies at the college level.  The amount  of scholarships awarded are determined by the dollar amount available at the time of application.

1c: The association does not provide educational loans.

1d: The association publishes a newsletter each calendar year informing graduating seniors of Waltrip High School that scholarship applications are available at the association web site or by mail from the association by sending a request for an application to the published association mailing address.


Section 2:  Specific criteria for determining who is eligible for our scholarship program.  Applicants graduating from Waltrip High School must submit the following:

2a.  A current picture of applicant (suitable for newspaper)

2b.  A copy of their high transcript containing seven (7) semesters.

2c.  A brief summary of their school and community activities and accomplishments along with their educational objectives, and any additional information which they believe qualifies them for a scholarship award.

2d.  A letter from a least one official/teacher from the school commenting on their character, personality, and academic achievement.

Section 3:   Criteria used to select recipients for our scholarship program:

The criteria used are the same as listed in No. 2 above along with a completed scholarship application along with a personal applicant interview and a short essay listing educational goals.


Section 4:  Scholarships Awards


4a:  The number of scholarships awarded is contingent on the amount of dollars available and designated to a scholarship fund.


4b:  The amount given for scholarships is Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) per approved applicant, per year.  The amount of the award may be adjusted by the Scholarship Committee based on available funds.


4c:  Scholarship recipients who complete the first year of study may re-apply for a continued scholarship consideration by submitting a certified copy of their grade point average for each academic year.  Determination for granting an additional scholarship is determined by the scholarship committee.


Section 5:  Approval of a scholarship applicant is determined by a blind review of all applicants by the scholarship committee members.  Applicants are also requested to submit a short essay outlining the educational goals.  Points are awarded for the areas of academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, service, leadership, and financial need, each receiving up to 20 points.  Applications are geared for high school and college level.  Each applicant must be either a Waltrip High School student or former student who is seeking a higher education.  All scholarship applicants must submit to a personal interview after submitting an application.


Section 6:  Scholarship Committee Members are elected from among the general board of directors and serve for a term as designated by board membership terms.  The association president serves as an ex-officio member.


Section 7:  Relatives of members or relatives of officers or directors are not eligible for consideration for receiving scholarships.


Section 8:  Scholarship award criteria and funding amount may change from time to time as determined by the Scholarship Committee and the General Board of Directors.

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