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Time passes in a hurry!  It seems like only yesterday and we were all students at Waltrip High School.  Whether we graduated in 1961 or 2020, it has been said that the "best years of our lives" were those years hurrying to our next class and being a little late because we stopped to talk to our fellow classmates.

Time has "marched on" since Waltrip opened its doors to the first students.  Things have changed not only at the school but our lives have changed as well.  During the past 60 years, many of the graduating classes have formed reunion web sites, yet there had not been an all-alumni association brought into existence.

Well, that changed on October 16,2010!  Alumni from the various years agreed to form an alumni association that represents 24,296 graduates.  What the new association will bring to bear is yet to be seen.  There have been many good suggestions as to what the function of an alumni association should be.  As we move forward in the days and years ahead, only time will tell if we can accomplish the goals that many have proposed.  Each alumni brings their own talents, experiences and personality to the group.  We must utilize everyone to their fullest potential.  As 'Waltrip Rams Forever", we must give of ourselves in Truth, Honor and Integrity. 

"Waltrip High, we sing to thee,
Our loyalty we raise.
Strong and noble always,
These tributes we now praise.
Honor, faith and courage,
These we testify.
Thee we'll always honor,
Our Waltrip High"

As with any new organization, the ability to sustain itself is of utmost importance.  That is true with our alumni association.  Simply said, we need donations from our members and the general public.  The annual dues approved by the membership will help with the day-to-day expenses of providing our website and alumni database, etc.  In the future we will need large donations to facilitate our mission statement as it comes into focus.  

Waltrip Alumni Association, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by federal law.  Donations may be made through this website.

In the days ahead, the slate of officers and directors elected to guide our efforts have a monumental task to undertake.  May each person give of themselves for the good of the many! Our success rests on each individual alumni member achieving great things on behalf of the association.  As each of us graduated from Waltrip, we walked out of the doors to pursue opportunities that lay ahead for us.  It is vitally important that we now reach back through the doors and give those same opportunities to today's students by giving financial aid to help them reach their full potential through our scholarship program.

"There is no limit to what a group can do and where it can go, if it doesn't care who gets the credit"  -  (Paraphrased motto of President Ronald Reagan).


Dr. Jon Enloe
Class of 1961
Chairman of the Board

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